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Non destructive testing

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Arcelor Mittal
Qualification — Experience — Impartiality

Since 1993, COFICE's NDT service has been a key actor in Non-Destructive Testing in industrial sectors, and especially with historic partners like Arcelor Mittal.

Our team of controllers intervenes during:

We work in France and international. All of our technicians are certified with COFREND CIFM in the research of surface and sub-surface defects. They are accredited and possess safety authorizations to work on industrial sites. Each NDT activity carried out is subject to issuance of a full control report in respected timing. The industrial sites, naval, LNG and civil engineering works are part of our activity sectors.

MT on stopper
LNG project Dunkerque
Ship repair
UT on mast base of wind turbines
UT on welds of wind turbines mast
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Dye penetrant test
Ultrasonic testing
Control and expertise on gasometer
Control and visual expertise on bucket wheel
Thickness measurements in gas area